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Chaturbate for Dummies

(That's you)


Greetings, Newbie! 👋 I am your hostess, Cinnabelle. This is an elementary user guide designed to help those who are not yet comfortable with the site's various features and community jargon. All vocab is bolded and defined below.

Models / cam models: Broadcasters, streamers, camgirls, camboys… they are all most frequently referred to as models.
Tokens: The currency of Chaturbate. Each token is worth 5 cents to the models.
Tips: Every time you send a model tokens it is called a tip. People tip models to do certain things and/or to show appreciation. Tips show up in the chat highlighted in yellow, like so:


Tip menu: Many models have tip menus. They look like a list of actions or items with an associated token price. For example, If the model has a tip menu that reads "transform into lizard -- 99", that means that if you tip the model a single tip of 99 tokens, the model will transform into a lizard.
Token goal / goal: This is how many tokens the model wants to earn during the current broadcast. If you look at the room subject you can usually see what the model is planning to do once the goal is reached.
Room subject: This is where you are most likely to find information pertaining to the model's current show and goal(s). The room subject shows up in orange text in the chat. Here is a real example:

cb room subject

App panel: This panel most often contains information on how many more tokens are needed to reach a goal. It is always rectangular. This is the app panel that accompanied the room subject above:

cb app panel

Notices: These are messages that pop up in the chat. The messages are always prefaced by the word "Notice" so they are easy to spot. They contain information that the model wants you to pay attention to. That information could be the tip menu, the room rules, social media links, instructions on how to play a game, whatever.
Ticket show / hidden show: A show you have to tip a certain amount of tokens to see. The cam feed will be hidden for every person who does not tip for a ticket.
c2c: This stands for "cam to cam". If you want the model to watch you on your cam while you watch her, ask for c2c. Not all models do this and the ones who do typically charge for it.
Private / pvt: A private show wherein the model is only chatting with and being watched by you. Just like c2c, not all models offer privates and the ones who do will charge a set amount of tokens per minute.
Pm / private message: A private chat window where you are typing with just one other person on the site. You can pm with both members and models.
Grey users / greys: People who have grey usernames in chat. These are people who have never purchased any tokens to tip models.
Moderators / mods: These people have red usernames and can stop you from being able to type in chat by "silencing" you. They do not work for Chaturbate. Moderators are assigned moderator status by the models. A person will only have a red username and moderator powers in a room where the model has granted moderator status to that person.
Fanclubs / fanclub members: Chaturbate has a subscription-based fanclub feature that is utilized by many of the models. If you join a model's fanclub, you will be billed by Chaturbate monthly. Models choose both the price and the perks of their own fanclubs. People who join a model's fanclub will have green usernames in that model's chat.
Thumbs up / Satisfaction score: If you tip a model at least 25 tokens you have the next 24 hours to rate that model with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.
Lush / lovense: These are wireless bluetooth sex toys that will literally vibrate in response to tips (yes, they really do vibrate, guys). Pretty high-tech, eh?

The first thing you should look at after entering a chatroom is the room subject. The second thing you should look at is the app panel.

After taking a look at those two things, you should have a much better understanding of what the model intends to do and when. If it still isn't clear enough, try to gather more context clues by looking at the chat. There will likely be notices popping up every now and then. You can also just ask. A friendly room will help you when you are confused. Keep in mind that sometimes there won't be a goal up at all, or there will be, but nothing specific will happen once it's been reached.

I realize that because there are so many different ways to structure shows and goals on Chaturbate that it will be hard to familiarize yourself with how things are done. The most important thing to remember is that no two rooms will be the same. Most shows are erotic in nature like you'd assume, but some models don't do anything sexual at all. Please remain aware, open, and respectful in every room you enter. It is good practice to ask if a model is willing to do something before you tip for it.

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