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MONTH 1 STATS 📈 on onlyfans
(march 23 - april 29)

Yes, it's been a little over a month, but we aren't splitting every hair here.

I used live shows to demo a few concepts then moved them onto OnlyFans in order to test their appeal as locked recorded content. This kept me safe from potential losses in case they didn't sell because I already had the income from the streams.

Total # of fans at end of period: ~7.1k
Total # of fans who sent unsolicited 🍆 pics: 8 (7 of them spent $0)

Highest rank: top 2%

Note: The performance commented on below is calculated based on conversion rates in the first 48 hours when most sales happen universally (# of buyers divided by total unique views)

Best performing videos (2x the average):
Dildo Ride! ⬅️ first big hit, inspired replication
Clear Chair Dildo Ride ⬅️ replicated results, did add extra elements (people liked my breasts pressed against my glass shower door in some photos I sold + dirty talk had been popular), most praised video to date 🥳

Both videos feature vaginal dildo riding as the focus, were released about a month apart on weekends, feature arguably "good" framing/lighting with my body at least 5 feet away from the camera, and have previews that are graphic but still relatively "sensual".

Honorable mention (1.65x average): MY FIRST DIRTY TALK STREAM

Vids that perform best in the first 1-2 days will perform well for longer whereas the others suffer from sharp declines and sudden halts in sales much sooner.

Positive findings:
- Newfound inclusion of dirty talk is a win for most people
- Prices*
- Dildo use outperforms fingie use, especially if I'm bouncing on said dildo

*Note: I am using price elasticity strategy to find the optimal price for in-demand content (the stuff that converts 2x better than avg). Currently at $7 (up from $6) with no detrimental effect on sales which means I will slowly continue to raise the price until the point when the price starts harming the total amount earned.

I also spent time researching other OnlyFans creators in my physical "niche" (everyday girl, natural, 30+, brunette, white, etc.) who were transparent about their earnings and ranks. One of many overlapping strategies among the tippy top of the earners I found (top 0.1-0.5% territory) was this one:


💡 Promote on external social media sites like Instagram and Tiktok daily. A popular trick to use on those platforms is to sort of downplay one's attractiveness or just deliberately point out features that men like to tell women not to worry about. Captions on the social media posts can be variations of "I don't care how my belly rolls look in the bedroom because I know this pu**y is good", "I hope you still like me without makeup", etc. It provokes engagement in the form of... I don't even need to explain this, do I? Which brings us to the following:

Best performing bait:
"I got a message saying men love natural women who aren't afraid to be ugly in the morning 🤔🤷‍♀️ Putting this to the test, for science."

The above picture post did 2.5x better than previous no-makeup posts that didn't include that kind of caption.

Hmmm— it would seem that sometimes confidence isn't key, fellas. 😉

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